Big Local are a national consortium chosen by the Big Lottery Fund, they are putting 150 communities in the driving seat to achieve lasting change in their areas across England. Each area receives at least £1 million over the next ten years. Wick Ward has been chosen as one of these areas. They have been awarded £1 million, coming in 2012. It is up to local residents how the money is spent.

We were asked to build a brand for the project from the ground up. Once we had established the brand we were to create a campaign that would spread the word and encourage local residents to get involved.

Our first objective was to give the project a memorable name, it had to be something that rolls off the tongue and importantly the name had to be available as a URL. After a heavy brainstorming session we all quickly agreed that we had a winning name: Wick Award.


Logo development

Logo inspiration | picture credit: Mugofevil

wick award logo inspiration


wick award logo sketch

Black and white versions


Colour palette

Colour inspiration | picture credit: Tom Eats

hackney wick wick award inspiration

Colour inspiration | picture credit: Tom Eats

hackney wick wick award inspiration

Colour palette

Wick Award color palette brand identity


Final Wick Award logo


hackney wick ward logo wick award


wick award logo rgb secondaries 2



Primary font

wick award font


Printed campaign materials

Campaign poster

wick award poster design visual

wick award in hackney wick poster design close up

wick award postcard design

Campaign postcard

wick award post card logo pattern

wick award booklet flyer design cover

Campaign booklet

wick award booklet flyer design clover close

wick award booklet flyer design inside spread

wick award flyer design hackney wick map


Wick Award home page

Wick Award visual identity + print